About Us

Alan and Ally began offering donation-based healing to Santa Barbara in October 2011 to be in greater alignment with their values of service to the community, through facilitating education, self-awareness and empowerment, and the healing and expansion of unconditioned consciousness.  I AM HEALING believes that activating and coaching each individual’s Awake & Aware Consciousness is the foundation of personal healing, and leads to the collective fulfillment of peaceful and harmonious well-being.  Not everyone knows who to turn to or can afford services such as this, and it has become I AM HEALING’s mission to help those who seek this path.  We offer a variety of massage therapies: from standard relaxation and balancing Acupressure and Swedish massage to the more therapeutic modalities of Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, and structural integration techniques.  We also support our clients with a variety of energy-work services, including Access Consciousness, Reiki, Medical QiGong, energetic clearings, and chakra alignments.  We offer our assistance as Spiritual Counselors and I AM Presence guides, and aid individuals in discovering their own inner answers – for their Highest Good.  We hold space for the healing, ascension and growth of all BEings and for Mother Earth.

The crew and concept for a traveling Healing Sanctuary truly came together at the end of the 1st year Lucidity Festival.  I AM HEALING began to witness the impact it was having outside of our local community, and realized the successful model that donation-based healing could provide the global community.  Since then this collective of shaman, bodyworkers, energy healers, earth-guardians, cultural wisdom keepers, and sound & crystal therapists have collaborated in the healing of Mother Earth and her denizens – from personal and local productions with SOL Food, Earth Day, Open Streets, Lemon Festival, Fest Forums and Lucidity Festival, to out-of-town collaborations with organizations and events such as SummitEarth Dance, Enchanted Forest, Lightning in a Bottle, and Symbiosis Gathering.  We have established relationships to provide corporate sponsored massage and wellness events with local businesses such as:  SonosInogen, Freudenberg Medical (formerly Helix Medical), and MarBorg Industries.  We continue to seek out and respond where ever we are called.