I Am Healing


Alan and Ally began offering fee-free (donation based) healing  to Santa Barbara in October 2011 in their personal practice, because being of service to the Community and healing our selves and interpersonal relationships, facilitating self-Awareness, education, and Balance is important – and not everyone knows who to turn to, or can afford it.  It has become I AM HEALINGS mission to help all who request or are in need.  We offer a variety of massage therapies – from standard Swedish, Deep Tissue, Acupressure, and Pregnancy Massage; as well as energy work, including Medical QiGong, Access Consciousness, Reiki, energetic clearings, and chakra Alignments.  We offer our assistance as Spiritual Counselors and I AM Presence guides, and aid individuals in finding out their own inner answers – for their Highest Good.  We Hold Space for the Ascension of planet earth and all BEings who live on her.

The crew and concept for a traveling Healing Sanctuary truly came together at the end of the 1st year Lucidity Festival.  I AM HEALING began to Understand the impact it could have on more Communities, and strengthen and heal Community, by taking healing on the road.  Since then this  collective of shaman, bodyworkers, energy healers, earth-keepers, and sound & crystal therapists have collaborated in the healing of Mother Earth and her denizens – from personal and local community events to festivals like SOL Food, Lucidity Festival, Enchanted Forest, Earth Dance, Sacred Spaces Village @ Burningman, Rise Big Sur, and Youtopia San Diego, as well as private events and businesses around the country. We continue to reach out, branch out, and deliver a magical  healing experience where ever we are called.


We invite you, Lucid Dreamer, to Chapter 4 of our epic 6 year story! Lucidity Kindred Quest is a time for us to embark on a journey of collective transformation, learning from our human past. Chapter 4 of The Story “Kindred Quest” It is quite understandable that you’d like to rest in the serenity and expansiveness of the Universe forever, […..] More
– Beautiful Virgin. Nurturing Mother. Wholesome Bride. Wisdom of All. Divine Creatrix – The Primordial Womb. Potent Feminine Divine. Goddess. Bright Blessings, Star Family ~ a portion of this piece has been coming through for months, however Source has kept me occupied with plenty of other elements to weave… so it comes through now at the perfect time! how synchronistic […..] More
Dear siStar Carmen Sandoval posted this – and I would Like to share and add my own comments – along with a picture to inspire us (meme from Healing Hands.) One Love family!! The time is Now! “For all my friends, whether close or casual, just because. This is one of the longest posts I will ever make, and one of the most […..] More
I AM Healing & DiviniTree Yoga and Arts Studio present Keep It Sacred 2014. 7:00 PM – CommUnity Intention Setting 8:00 PM – Lucid Galactivation (Sound Healing Immersion) 9:00 PM FUSED3LEMENT (https://soundcloud.com/fused3lement) 10:00 PM Sinapz (https://soundcloud.com/sinapz) 11:00 PM Mahadeva (https://soundcloud.com/dj-renegade) DONATION BASED HEALING 7:30pm – 10pm (30 minute sessions) Earthjing Tea Lounge providing tea & safe container for social exploration, unwinding, and community fellowship. Kotuku Elixir Bar & […..] More
I AM Healing presents, in collaboration with Lucidity Festivals, Isla Vista Food Co-op, Earthjing, Divinitree Santa Barbara, Emmersive Production Services, and UC Santa Barbara. Thursday June 5th, 3-10pm at Anisq’oyo Park in Isla Vista. -Community Healing experience + Access Consciousness + Reiki + Acupuncture -Energetic Clearings + Smudging Procession through neighborhood -Unifying Exercises + Qigong + Yoga + Breathworks-Mindfulness -Conscious Music (begins @ 6pm) + Kirtan (TBD) + Sinapz & Briana Kai (https://soundcloud.com/sinapz) + Off-Grid Productions (http://izeart.com/) + […..] More
WELCOME to the inaugural Phases of the Moon Music & Art Festival.  A new 4 day camping event that will be held at the beautiful 3000 acre Kennekuk County Park in Danville, Illinois. The site itself, with its historic collection of turn of the century buildings, feels like small town America.  This is your invitation! Hang with us for four days […..] More
Join us at Cirque Camp (Joshua Tree) this summer, where we will provide donation based healing, sound healing (with Guy Douglas and Danny Goldberg), and a relaxing tea lounge (hosted by EarthJing.) Evening programming with include DJs and Conscious movies brought to you by I AM Frequency. Save $10 per ticket by using the promo code ‘iamhealing’ when you follow the […..] More
I AM HEALING is excited to coordinate the 3rd installment of Lucidity Festival – themed Universe this year.  We will once again be coordinating 50 professional healers for donation based healing, allowing for 15 dedicated massage therapists and energy-workers to be working at any given time, between 9am-9pm. Lucidity is a transformational music, arts, and healing festival that has a […..] More
The entire Universe is made up of “energy” that is neither created nor destroyed, but is dynamic and makes up the realities we are all co-creating, all of the time. it IS a choice to view things positive or negative – everything we do has choice behind it… we may not Always understand why we choose (or even see how […..] More
as my Consciousness shifts into the Awareness of a New Day, i take the full breath of my BEing into my lungs.  i inhale All That Is and sing a blessing into Life – for Life, and Source – the giver of.  a few more inward breaths and i slowly open my eyes to the beauty that awaits:  sometimes it […..] More
Now is Now This is a super easy concept to grasp, once you really Understand it… and it validates several important Universal Truths. we’ve talked about it many times… how our thoughts (our ‘mind’) separate us from the Universal Flow of Source Code. our minds literally pull us into a state of sleep – creating blockage and attachments that hold us from being […..] More
waterdrop Feeling sluggish or have a headache? Water makes up about 60-72 percent of the human body. our blood is 92 percent water, the brain and muscles are 75 percent water, and the bones carry about 22 percent water. every system depends on water. So water is important for healthy skin, hair, and nails, as well as controlling body temperature, heart […..] More
Geoglyphics Do you remember a time when you felt the utter beauty of nature? perhaps standing in a redwood forest with 1500 year old trees standing above you – having shared Consciousness, Space, and Time with Jesus, Mohammed, the Mayan, for generations of time… patience. Perhaps i was looking down upon our earth mother, mama Gaia, from the heights of a […..] More