as my Consciousness shifts into the Awareness of a New Day, i take the full breath of my BEing into my lungs.  i inhale All That Is and sing a blessing into Life – for Life, and Source – the giver of.  a few more inward breaths and i slowly open my eyes to the beauty that awaits:  sometimes it is the stellar Light of the 5th Sun shining through the blinds, sometimes my impossibly beautiful Lovers lay quietly by my side, while others still – i am abruptly awaken to the blessings of new construction or a neighbors electronic dance music as they begin to groove into their morning. whatever my experience, it is Always a blessing… as i am awakening to an eternal gift – Life in physical form.  to honor the frailty of this Divine sanction – infinitely Grateful that, once again i am Allowed to breathe with these lungs, see with these eyes, hear through these ears, utilize these limbs to accomplish uncountable creations and support of my fellow earth dwellers.  i am ever so thankful for the senses and means at my disposal for existing and realizing my dreams in this reality – and shall any one ever be taken away, i will have honored and expressed myself through it as best my capabilities Allow.

Life is a meditation, a constant blessing.  as i lift the fruit of the New Day into my mouth, each bite – taking my time to chew the delicious nutrients that sustains my activities throughout the day – i bless whatever i choose to intake into this vessel.  most often i choose to fill my physical temple with organic goodness – sometimes raw, sometimes cooked.  i feel it’s supportive energy feeding my body as it slides down through my system.  i am infinitely Grateful for Mama Gaia, whom without this manna would not exist.  i am thankful for the hands that cultivated, cared for, and husbanded these gifts which grant me healthy Life.  i am Grateful for the eternal force that fills all things – this breakfast, the spoon, myself.

i watch as a butterfly flutters by – ancient and beautiful, graceful and calm.  it gently moves from flower to flower, carrying Life with it to seed in some new location.  having undergone its own transformation, it continues to move forward with its lifeforce energy in a new body, immaculate and pristine.  my heart swells with the transformative spirit of this tiny insect, here in this moment to bless me with its medicine.  a native bird falls from the sky and encloses the gorgeous butterfly within its beak… then flutters by.  i am Grateful for the cycle of Life – that continues each of us moving forward, fragile yet tenacious on our path.  i thank my winged friend for his own medicine he brings me, for the reminder of the impermanence of flesh and blood, and for the opportunity to witness the amazing cycle of Life that swirls around each of us in every moment.

i slide into the seat of my vehicle – extremely Grateful to have transportation to take me where ever i am called.  i take note of everything around me before i pull onto the roadway – thankful for the public road systems and the upkeep they regularly receive.  i remember other locations i have been, where the roads were sometimes being reclaimed by the wild, and smile at the blessing in that as well.  a mother pushes her young child down the sidewalk in a stroller.  i see my own mother – the one that was able to adopt and care for me when i was unable to fend for myself, unable to even Understand what that means.  i see my mother who had to release me from her Life… knowing in her heart i would return when the time was right – hoping, praying, and blessing.  i see the mother pushing my child.  i see my daughter.  i see my daughter pushing the child she has yet to conceive.  i Honor all mothers, all children.  i am infinitely Grateful for the Mother Spirit – again, to our Mama Gaia.  i am in awe of the Compassion and nurturing energy in which she feeds all of us, and with the force and survival instinct she possess to support and protect her young.  i am Grateful to be one of hers, and in turn recommit my Guardianship to Her and all of Life’s creatures.

as i make my start into the road i smile and bless this holy mother.  i broadcast the deepest Unconditional Love to this vulnerable and positively powerful child – who contains the seed; the blueprint of All Possibility.  my heart expands and i feel the Love shine from my chest in All directions.  this is my child, once tiny – now grown.  i am this child, with the fullness of Divine Potential and Unconditional Love… not yet learned, by this world, yet existing within a constant state of Knowing and Understanding.  i Honor the process in which we birth and grow through this Life and hold a vision in my Minds Eye of a perfect existence – where all children and people are fed, where all are healthy and Loved.  i remember Heaven on Earth and i invoke it in this Now.  i laugh with joy.

a car ahead drifts into my lane, apparently hoping to beat my momentum and make the turn in front of me.  i quickly slow my pace as i realize he corrects his error – in fact, begins to over-correct at the surprise and resistance to those in the car with him… their faces contorting into mixed emotions and demands.  i hold Compassion and honor for him in my BEing.  even though this gentle-man is most likely in his 60’s, i see myself – a young man – being preoccupied with living and focusing on my thoughts.  i flash a knowing grin at him, and his sheepish look dissolves.  he Understands i hold him no ill will, that i Understand things happen, and that i am Aware and Conscious of the happenings – so we are okay in this Now.  we are both Grateful to be continuing in our progress – unscathed: in physical body, vehicle body, emotional body, and in all realms and realities.  our eyes lock for just a moment:  eye an eye.  and we are blessed.

i pull into the parking lot of healing space.  Grateful for the calm energy and bubbling Life that surrounds this Sanctuary.  Grateful to have found the perfect location.  Thankful for the financial donations that continue to pay the monthly rent and keep me and my Family supported.  i park, and take a few deep breaths – remembering how i began this day and Intending to carry it with me throughout my day.  i feel my breath filling my lungs, filling my belly as my diaphragm expands to the greatest limits it can hold.  i feel the nature of All That Is continue to fill my being, driving this Avatar ahead in constant motion.  i am Grateful that i Understand what it means to be I AM PRESENT, i am infinitely connected to Source – my Highest Self – connected to All BEings – connected to Mama Gaia – connected to those who will be walking through my door today, seeking healing.

i walk through the waiting room of this tranquil healing space and i breath in the waterfall and soft Lights.  i unlock the door to my sanctuary, honoring the crystals and sacred symbols that continually spread their healing energies.  i am thankful for these sacred tools – the barn owl wing, the palo santo, the essential oils.  i mix frankincense and lavender oils and rub them through my hair, into my beard, and across my clothes.  i breath deeply again, drawing the fresh and balancing fumes into my BEing.  i push the velvety texture of the violet microfiber blanket over my massage table, brushing it evenly in one direction.  i draw the sacred symbols Cho Ku Rei and the Antahkarana upon it, anchoring the healing Light for the next to come merge with it.  i am infinitely Grateful for the table that offers support and comfort.

my first client is late and i have not received any communication to signal if they are in route or delayed in some way… but i smile because it Allows me to continue writing the words that Spirit dictates.  i am thankful for my connection to my Highest Self, to Source, to All That Is, to my client, and to each and every BEing of Light that inhabits Mama Gaia – indeed, i enjoy and offer thanks to my connection to Her.  again – Always thankful, Always blessing.

i Honor you, because i am you.  you Honor me by BEing who you are.  we are One, Always and in All Ways – even when my own separation causes the brief illusion that Allows me to forget this.  i banish the illusion with a smile into my heart – blessing All of creation, within All Universes and dimensions.  i am eternally Grateful for this connection – this connection that is Divine Truth, Unconditional Love, and the Sacredness of Gratitude.  the Divine Union of Spirit and flesh, masculine and feminine, Christ/Krishna Consciousness to the infinity Most High – YESAI