9 Energies

Susan and Martin Fisher of 9 Energies help people know their Natural Energy. Each of us has 9 Energy Centers in our bodies, one of which is more active than the others – called the Natural Energy. Knowing your Natural Energy gives you physical access to your spiritual nature. Learning about the other eight illuminates how other people experience the world. Activating all nine transforms your reality through the addition of eight other vital senses.

Your Natural Energy communicates to the world around you, physically and energetically. It can be seen in the:

  • Activation Nexus: each Natural Energy initiates movement from a particular part of the body using a different combination of muscles and bones.
  • Facial Expression of Activation: a very particular facial expression is visible on the face for each Natural Energy.
  • Posture of Activation: Each Natural Energy has a physical posture that assists with the activation of the energy, and can be used to determine which center is most active.
  • Energetic Signature: When the Natural Energy is stimulated in the body it has a particular energetic impact.

Susan and Martin Fisher of 9 Energies
Your Natural Energy affects how you interact with other people, how you experience Spirit, and even how you move. We like to call it your Superpower. For people looking to tap into their deeper selves, knowing this information gives a physical way to know your own personal truth. If you are curious about how this might inform you, find a 9 Energies Event on our Event Calendar or contact us to schedule a private event and have the experience for yourself.

Susan and Martin offer 9 Energies at transformational Festivals like Burning Man and Lucidity Festival. They also offer free private events if they are traveling in your area or at their cneter in Bozeman, MT. Visit their website to find out more about 9 Energies.
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