nickyheadshot2A graduate of the Santa Barbara Body Therapy Institute, Nicky has long been guided by an awareness of the connection between body care and quality of life. She cares holistically for her own body and brings this approach to each of her massage sessions. Her serene and open manner sets clients at ease and enables them to relax fully and get the most out of their treatments.

After exploring various career paths from marine biology to community event planning, Nicky found her true vocation as a massage therapist. Her practice is enhanced by her knowledge of reflexology, visceral physiology, meridian mapping, and Reiki, as well as her love of dance and movement. She has studied Medical Qigong extensively over the last two years and is incorporating this technique in her work.

Nicky brings her love of gathering people from all walks of life and her event planning experience to supporting and co-creating large scale healing events at transformational festivals.

Nicky LaFleur is a Certified Massage Therapist with the California Massage Therapist Council.

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