Donation Based Healing

October 2011, we converted to a fee-free (donation based) practice.  Several reasons compelled us to make this decision. First, was to remain true to our highest Selves and our collective calling to heal and be of service.  Second, to encourage people to actively participate in their own health; assisting with self-education, co-creating wellness systems, maintain preventative therapies, and creating the space for emergence and expansion of consciousness.  And last but just as important – to provide the opportunity for those who would normally be unable to afford such healing services. This simply means that it is important to us to assist the community and all who desire healing; giving everyone and anyone the opportunity to receive these benefits regardless of any condition that would limit or prevent such an opportunity.  This can be conceptualized as a sliding-scale, where we encourage people to pay what they are able and feel their session is worth.

This continues to be the primary source of income for our family, and we appreciate that that those able to pay monetarily, do so through examining their own heart-space.  We also encourage the use of the Barter System – and enjoy trading our services for an equal energetic exchange.  We retain the natural right to refuse or limit service if we feel an equal energetic exchange is intentionally being withheld or if our kindness is being misused.  Please feel comfortable in contacting us if you have something in mind or any additional questions!   Many people seek a common rate for therapists, which we feel is standardized around  $1-2 per minute.