DiamondPortalBurnThe “Portal” sculptures are interactive environments for personal transformation that have been created for the Burning Man festivals since 2004. They utilize sacred geometry, color and sound to harmonize ones multidimensional vibrational energy body with the Earth’s and Galaxy’s for participants to experience an evolution of consciousness.
Owing to Burning Man’s temporary nature, they are easily transported, installed and removed. They have been exhibited in a variety of other venues outside of Burning Man and are available for lease or purchase.

“Harlan Emil Gruber’s sculptures at Burning Man have been an underground favorite over the last few years. Combining sound installation with geometric form, they have offered a beautifully multidimensional experience to visitors who often spend hours lounging on the sculpture’s platform, bathing in the aural frequencies from his unique Quasar Wave Transducer. In my book, 2012, I explored the possibility of a global shift in consciousness. Gruber’s piece represents a valiant effort to capture that evolution in its melding of science, sacred geometries, and ambient sounds. Such creative dedication and ambition deserves to be supported and rewarded generously.”
-Daniel Pinchbeck- author 2012: The Return of Quetzalocoatl-

Website: www.transportals.org