– Beautiful Virgin. Nurturing Mother. Wholesome Bride. Wisdom of All. Divine Creatrix –

The Primordial Womb. Potent Feminine Divine. Goddess.

Bright Blessings, Star Family ~
a portion of this piece has been coming through for months, however Source has kept me occupied with plenty of other elements to weave… so it comes through now at the perfect time! how synchronistic that just tonight, at Devadance Ojai, brother Alokananda spoke into this very same issue. and so here it comes…

There are things in Life that can be viewed as tragedy. One such instance can be experienced when we witness the destructive path that the powers who have controlled this planet for the past thousands years have allowed, and in fact created to be this way. I speak directly to the common programming practices (read: propaganda) that take sacred objects, names, and words – and twist them into false representations of what they really are. This shadow energy keeps us separated through false beliefs, judgments that only hurt us, and by turning powerful, positive vibrations into a bastardized version of it’s true glorious self.

What comes to mind is Operation: Desert Storm… dont most storms end at some point? I am not sure who may all remember the code name: Shock and Awe. This is a fine example of the powers that be (our government/military) taking the sacred name of Shekinah, and turning it toward an aggressive and hateful act. The same is happening now with the primordial Goddess ISIS. The naming of a terrorist group (and this is US calling the group ISIS, this is not what the group calls itself – though it is all likely puppet-show storytelling at the very best.)

If you type in “Origin of ISIS” into google… you will be returned with countless hits on articles related to terrorists and Islamic jihadist. Can you imagine all of the hate, separation, fear, and horror being associated (intentionally) to one of the holiest images and embodiments of the original goddess. Please, take a moment to really get a sense of the dark magic being played upon us here. In fact, this is the only bandwidth i will give to this gross misrepresentation. So who is ISIS?

ISIS – or the essence of this Divine Feminine energy – predates most major religions, and is the foundation for Egyptian, Roman, and Greek goddess deities. The meaning of her name (Ish-Ish) means “she who weeps”. This goddess’es tale is a truly human experience – and why she was revered so completely in our ancient past – as well as why she became the template of so many goddess figures to follow. She was known by 1000 names- depicting her many countenances and aspects of Spirit. Her tale is known for her suffering; the Death of her husband – her twin flame – and his rebirth, as her son. Many religions have the similar cyclical pattern of the Mother (sometimes the moon) and the Father that dies and is reborn as the son (Sun)… this is what happens each December as we experience the winter solstice.

ISIS story stands for Perseverance, she is the first daughter to the Earth and the Sky. Giver of Life, the nurturer, the mother – symbolizing the perfect balance of Femininity; the One Who Is All. Goddess of Creation and Goddess of Destruction.

Her human-ness can remind humans of their Divinity. Have humans given their god/dess figures human emotions and traits… or do the traits and emotions of the god/desses play out in the human form? it’s all the same – all good – as above, so below.

(search to find out more on “goddess ISIS”, here is one concise example full of information:http://www.goddessgift.com/goddes…/egyptian_goddess_isis.htm)

who is isis

Part 2:
DECEMBER 14/15th – IS:IS PORTAL ACTIVATION –[EDIT – Sunday Night the 14th, at 9:11pm PST, for us here in the west.)

Now it is important to remember who ISIS is and what she represents to us. This is a vital time to hold space for her Most High qualities, while opening ourselves to these new incoming goddess energies that we’ve had tastes of, but have never poured down upon our planet like the cosmic waterfall of Unconditional Love and Divine Light we are soon to experience!

Here is a paraphrased version of this portal’s description, taken from (http://2012portal.blogspot.ca/…/make-this-viral-isis-portal…)

“It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! Therefore we will meet in groups large and small, as individuals and couples, at the time of the Uranus Pluto square on December 14th/15th, 2014. Many of us will gather and anchor the energies of the Goddess Vortex and will be thus creating a clear and harmonious channel of manifestation for the final liberation of the planet.

Our visualization will support the plan for planetary liberation, so that it manifests as soon as possible, as non-violently and smoothly as possible. Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations on human society, so what we are doing really does have an influence:

IS:IS portal activation will happen at the exact moment of the Uranus Pluto square astrological configuration on December 15th (or December 14th, depending on your time zone). At the moment of the activation, transiting ascendant in Cairo will conjunct Mercury and Chariklo in exact conjunction with the Galactic Center, thus activating the configuration.

At the moment of the activation of the portal, Shapley Attractor will send a pulse of energy towards our local cluster of galaxies for the very first time in known history, creating an energy triangle between the Milky Way galaxy, M31 galaxy in Andromeda and M33 galaxy in Triangulum, effectively starting the final triangulation of cosmic anomaly of darkness and its absorption into the Light. Shapley Attractor, positioned at 2 degrees Scorpio, will make strong aspects with Moon and Lilith at the time of the activation. This will open the door for very strong Goddess energies which will bathe this universe, coming directly from the Source.

Shapley Attractor is the largest known structure in the universe, a supermassive gravitational anomaly which shapes the structure of space-time continuum in our sector of the Universe.

That energy pulse will send ripples of Light through our local cluster of galaxies and will especially affect our sector of the Galaxy, including planet Earth. On a quantum level, all subatomic particles in this sector of the Galaxy will pass through a hyperdimensional wormhole and the structure of quantum fluctuations around those particles will become much more aligned with the Source, thus effectively decreasing the primary anomaly, which was the primary source of darkness in the universe.

This activation will trigger vast changes in our sector of the Galaxy. It will cause further unification of all future timelines, bringing them in even greater alignment with the One…

We will all be doing this activation at the same time, at the exact moment of the Uranus Pluto square, which comes on December 15th at 7 hours 11 minutes am Cairo time. This equals 6:11 am in Central Europe, 5:11 am GMT in London, 0:11 am EST in New York, 11:11 pm CST on December 14th in Chicago, 10:11 pm MST in Denver and 9:11 pm PST in LA.” -end quote

A star-gate exists between the triangulation of Mt. Shasta, the San Francisco Peaks (Flagstaff- where the Hopi teach that the Kachinas originate from) and Arcturus. I am excited to be heading to Hopi Nation next week (for the 14th) , and Mount Shasta on the 20th.
Jah Questafari & Lynn McCallum ) – anything else to add?

Keep your heart open and your mind quiet  This is an important time to embody your Highest Self, Highest Potential, Highest Purpose. And you will be receiving the supportive energy to engage in this manner. The more Conscious, open, and Understanding you can be of this process, the easier on yourself it is.


This can be extremely difficult when operating through and with the wounded energies we have co-created for thousands of years, programmed into our societies and belief systems to suppress women. It is time to rise above, Ascend from these lower vibrations of control and misrepresentation of who we really are. Divinity incarnate. Living the example we created for ourselves through past incarnations. It is not ego, or lowly to come into the understanding of our Divinity. It is a great responsibility to step into… because we release all attachments that would prevent us from succeeding such an exalted state. It is actually a selfless act to assume your own Divinity… you take full control of your Life, you must make choices to stand in the Light and to be a warrior for Unconditional Love. This is not the type of control that those few that lead the planet astray have forced on others. It is an inner, self-control, that comes through surrender of the ‘mind’ and ego – and it is the step to accepting full responsibility for your Life and Actions.

Do you realize that nothing outside of you can affect you? you are powerful, beautiful, and every decision you make affects change. change within, and we change without.

Remember that part of the demonization of women – in the attempt to continue with a dominant patriarchal empire – has been interwoven into our most ancient teachings and religious belief systems. From the “Fall of Man” which you notice is not titled the Fall of Woman… this skewed version, subconsciously keeps us locked in a blame pattern, poised against the Divine Feminine – which is the goddess energy that ultimately will save us. (Easy to see why they turn our minds against this sacred knowledge… so we are not ‘open’ to receive it.)


Be BOLD. Be OPEN. Be the Understanding that changes our own ways of thinking… growing and opening up to MORE LOVE. Be AWESOME! You, really are doing a great job. I LOVE YOU.

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avatarIt's amazing how easily we talk ourselves out of things. For example, when I tell some people about I AM Healing, they think there has to be some sort of catch--the idea of donation-based body work simply sounds too good to be true. I'll admit, for a second there, that I wondered if it would be... if there was some fine print I was missing, or if I'd feel guilty for being unable to contribute financially. However, within minutes of walking into the studio--and seconds, really, of interacting with any of its incredible contributors-- you'll know: you ARE contributing, just by being there. The healing that takes place within this center cannot help but radiate outward, leaving a trail of goodness in its wake. It is remarkable, and we are truly blessed to have them in our community!

I went to Metatron for massage/energy work, and without needing to explain myself, he sensed what needed to be done. I felt supported, seen, hopeful, and safe the entire time. During the massage, he went straight into some of the deepest holding patterns in my upper back; working through the tough spots in a way that (somehow!) managed to be both relaxing AND productive. For hours afterward, my breath was open and expansive in a way that is rarely accessible to me. The Access Consciousness work, which I would recommend to ANYONE and everyone, was extremely powerful. Its effects have lingered in my body, surprising me at times with the way they continue to crop up: rising from deep within like a belly laugh. It's impossible for me to describe it fully... the only thing I can say is GO, and feel the transformation for yourself.

Visiting this center was the first step in a long process of healing, one I am just beginning, and one that will surely continue for the rest of my life. All I can say is, with healers like this in the world--people who really, truly HEAL because they must, because the world needs people who have come alive-- the process can only be a beautiful one. Visit this place and be reminded of what it feels like to have hope. To be free. To be loved.

avatarA loving THANK YOU to both Ally and Alan. Ally gave me two prenatal massages during my pregnancy that comforted, soothed and balanced me. Both me and baby Jiyah were filled with love and warmth with the hands of compassion. Later, I went for another massage and brought Jiyah (now 8 months) with me. Alan was sweet enough to watch over my beautiful son while Ally worked on me. The next thing I know, there's Jiyah melting into a meditative state into Alan's hands! Mother and son both receiving loving treatments. I about cried with joy. And the energy in that room I will never forget. Thank you again Ally, from a mother of two going through a trying transition. You uplifted my spirit and shared your love and healing energy. Thank you Allan for your patience, kindness and full body baby massage on Jiyah. He was calm and peaceful the rest of the day and slept better than he had been. Jiyah had been clingy and restless because he could also feel the transition in our lives. We are blessed to have two conscious beings doing beautiful work! I plan on more sessions and is considering bringing my 8 year old as well! See you soon! With love, Natalie

Natalie B
avatarWhen I went to I Am Healing and met with Alan, I had no ailments. (Well nothing too serious.) I purely enjoy the benefits of consciousness and energy healing; and I was curious about Access Consciousness. I had a lovely chat with Alan prior to the session which made me feel very comfortable and excited for what was to follow. During the session I felt completely relaxed and safe. The location is very well-kept and has an overall calming energy. When you walk in you instantly know that you are in a good place. After the Access Consciousness session, Alan offered to also work on my thighs and lower back which has been an annoyance of mine since August. Through massage and some really intense reflexology/trigger point therapy, Alan was able to relieve me of the tension and pain that had been a real bother for me. My overall experience left me feeling both physically and spiritually energized. I have also felt an increase in my confidence since the session. I am sleeping better and have been able to recall more dreams that I am lucid in. And I am starting to overcome certain difficulties I have had with letting go of thought during meditation. I am very grateful for my experience and will be returning again very soon for some more body/mind/soul-work!

Leana M