I am a channel for healing. I am an energy master/practitioner, KorManu “Blue Ray” Activated. I work with a way of “Cranio-Sacred” healing that is subtle and that places each recipient at the altar of their purest self.

My calling is to serve, lovingly. I am intrigued by the human potential that is not commonly utilized. We are all filled with simple complexities and complex simplicities. We are so diverse while wearing similar Earth Suits . I have witnessed amazing miracles as I am blessed to hold the miracle of other humans in my hands each day.

I’ve been guided by the Above as Below All That Is and my Soul Knowing to developed a highly evolved “CranioSacred” healing way that includes energy healing, Craniosacral and Reflexology (Auricular) with a focus on the ears. I am an innate and instinctive alchemist of healing that often includes my sincere love for plant medicine, aromatherapy (essential oils). I am a compassionate support “Middle Being” for others.  I thrive in the Spirit Creator World, the great imagisphere of mystery/truly. I am honored to be trusted by The Creator to work as a “Middle Being” on your behalf.

I’ll be bringing a very special oil blend to LUCIDITY with me, that I’ve held my heart open to the creation of for over ten years. The oil blend is called “The Sacred Oil of the Chrism”. Chrism: Greek/Hebrew meaning – Anointing or The Anointed One.