The “I AM THAT I AM” Light Code / DNA Repair homeopathic remedy comes in an envelope with 3 tablets.  Only one use is necessary per person – as once it is taken it Activates your I AM THAT I AM Presence on a cellular level, indefinitely.

IAM Light Pill

I AM THAT I AM is a direct translation of our individual connection to Source.  “I AM” Source, Unity Consciousness, Krishna/Christ Consciousness, GOD… THAT “I AM” as an individual expression of the One.  Fear is absent from this embodiment – and the fear that we will return to One amorphous glob of Light can be set aside.  We are individual expressions of the One Consciousness, and our ability to embody this Now is possible.  It is possible through Understanding what I AM Presence is and by making the choice to hold ourselves in this Alignment in every Now.   No homeopathic remedy or otherwise is needed to bring this into our reality – however, for those seeking assistance and support, this remedy offers just that.

A meeting and a knowing of your own Divine Presence.  “I AM THAT I AM”.  yesai