Medial Qi Gong

Medical Qi Gong
Medical Qi Gong is a modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  Qi means “life-force energy” and Gong means “skill”, so Qi Gong (pronounced Chee Gong) is the skillful practice of gathering, circulating, and applying life-force energy for various kinds of benefit. Rather than using needles, herbs, or massage, medical qi gong relies on the ability to direct qi with the mind, the hands, or a ritual object, but without necessarily touching the body.

Medical Qi Gong cultivates and redistributes the vitality or “qi” of an individual.  This is the same way that acupuncture and other TCM modalities work. The principles of treatment are the same, only the technique varies. Medical Qi Gong is well suited for highly sensitive people, children, and people in frail health, but can be beneficial for absolutely anyone. Medical qi gong involves working directly and subtly with a person’s qi, and it is more gentle than acupuncture, acupressure, or herbology. Medical qi gong can be used to treat many subtle and spiritual
conditions that cannot be treated with acupuncture, acupressure, or herbology.

All living bodies generate an external field of energy called Wei Qi (Pronounced “why chee”), which translates as “protective energy.”  The definition of Wei Qi in Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM), Chinese Energetic Medicine, or Medical Qi Gong, is slightly different than that of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In Medical Qi Gong, the Wei Qi field includes the surface of the body, circulating within tendon and muscle as well as the body’s auric and subtle energy fields.  This energy originates from each of the internal organs and radiates through the external tissues. There the Wei Qi forms an energy field that radiates from the from the entire physical body.  This field of Qi protects the body from the invasion of external pathogens and communicates with, as well as interacts with, the surrounding universal and environmental energy fields.

Medical Qi Gong consists of specific techniques that use the knowledge of the body’s internal and external energy fields to purge, tonify, and balance these energies.  Medical Qi Gong therapy offers patients a safe and effective way to rid themselves of toxic pathogens and years of painful emotions that otherwise, can cause mental and physical illness and dis-ease.  This therapy combines breathing techniques with movement, creative visualization, and spiritual Intention to improve health, personal power, and control over one’s own Life.

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avatarSometimes people find they are at the end of their rope trying to heal themselves. All other attempts with MDs, PhDs, etc. don't resonate, and don't deliver results. Sometimes even our friends don't quite relate to what is going on even though their hearts intention is to help.  I was that person seeking a solution to the "unlike me symptoms" my mind and body were undergoing.  It was through a random encounter that I met Ally Gomez and instantly felt a connection, as if I met my long lost friend. She is one of the very few who I trust to take care of me when I sense I am on the verge of an energetic change, which  I have come to realize indicates a major life event change or personal breakthrough. With her life partner Alan, together they create the I AM HEALING space and energy that is safe, impartial, and devoted to healing whatever comes to them. I highly recommend Ally, and I hope you have the opportunity to work with her too.

Bianca C.
avatarA loving THANK YOU to both Ally and Alan. Ally gave me two prenatal massages during my pregnancy that comforted, soothed and balanced me. Both me and baby Jiyah were filled with love and warmth with the hands of compassion. Later, I went for another massage and brought Jiyah (now 8 months) with me. Alan was sweet enough to watch over my beautiful son while Ally worked on me. The next thing I know, there's Jiyah melting into a meditative state into Alan's hands! Mother and son both receiving loving treatments. I about cried with joy. And the energy in that room I will never forget. Thank you again Ally, from a mother of two going through a trying transition. You uplifted my spirit and shared your love and healing energy. Thank you Allan for your patience, kindness and full body baby massage on Jiyah. He was calm and peaceful the rest of the day and slept better than he had been. Jiyah had been clingy and restless because he could also feel the transition in our lives. We are blessed to have two conscious beings doing beautiful work! I plan on more sessions and is considering bringing my 8 year old as well! See you soon! With love, Natalie

Natalie B
avatarAfter a long exhausting week of Holiday Air Travel. A "REAL" massage was what I needed. Being new to the SB area from NYC.  I got on yelp Monday morning,(sometimes Hit or Miss) This was definitely a " HIT " I called around 10:00 and by 11:00 I was in the hands of a 'True Healer". I arrived drained, in pain & with a slight headache. I left completely relaxed & rejuvenated. Thank you Alan.
Alan is the Asclepius of Santa Barbara.

Kati C.