WELCOME to the inaugural Phases of the Moon Music & Art Festival.  A new 4 day camping event that will be held at the beautiful 3000 acre Kennekuk County Park in Danville, Illinois. The site itself, with its historic collection of turn of the century buildings, feels like small town America.  This is your invitation! Hang with us for four days of 100% organic, guaranteed feel good music, performed by world-renowned musicians on 4 unique outdoor stages.


The Healing Sanctuary @ POTM is a collaboration between Guildworks, I AM HEALING, Danny Goldberg,  Naomi Charanpal,  Tammy Firefly, and Lucidity Festival LLC to co-create an immersive, transformational experience through integrating visionary art and sacred geometry into environments, setting a healing, safe container.  The Sanctuary will contain the standard elements of West Coast Transformational Festivals – massage & energy work, sound healing, yoga, qi-gong, and a plethora of workshops and Wisdom Keeper presentations – including the Council For Peace, panel discussion seeded at Lucidity Festival 2014.

I AM HEALING will be coordinating the massage and energy work available during the festival, offering professional services by donation.  Also, responsible for the Workshop curation and coordination – and are excited for some of the offers to be made public soon.  Danny is coordinating with Guy Douglas and a team of sound healers to offer a huge (18) gong sound journey experience to festival goers, also appreciated are donations that make this possible.  Naomi, a kundalini instructor out of Divinitree, Santa Cruz, is offering and coordinating yoga and movement activities that create space for activate practices for the novice to the master. Tammy is offering and coordinating world-class aerial acts, fire performance, as well as other magical and sacred ways we can interact through the senses.

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