The sounds and vibrations of singing bowls, gongs and chimes guide us into a deep meditation.  The healing vibrations pass through our body, opening blockages and allowing our minds to quiet.  A wide range of ancient world traditions from Confucianism to the Pythagoreans’ claimed that sound could not only “tune the soul” but affect our cosmological & social worlds as well.  The physiological impact of sound on the body, emotions & cognition is apparent.  Through the vibrations of these instruments we experience an inner calm and deep relaxation that enables us to journey within and center.

sound bath

A Sound Bath is an immersion in sacred and healing sound wherein the Facilitator activates the full sonic potential of the gong and bathes the listener with sustained waves of primordial sound.  During a sound bath, listeners typically experience a sense of connectedness and peace as the sacred sounds clear blockages and restore the free flow of vital energy throughout the body.  Listeners have also described out of body experiences, seeing beautiful colors behind their eyes, along with symbols, images, and past life impressions.  With its ability to induce a spontaneous meditative state, Sound Baths offers listeners access to parts of the mind that are typically closed, resulting in a sense of expanded awareness and higher consciousness.

sound healing

A Sound Concert tends to be a longer performance, offering the healing vibrational experience to a larger crowd, often administered by multiple Facilitators.  This scale of sound healing can be offered to businesses for their employees, during Transformational Festivals, for private groups curating an experience for their friends, or for fusion with yoga, QiGong, or other ceremonial practices.  The applications are endless and most would agree – invaluable.

We work with many talented Sound Healers – feel free to contact them directly or if you are booking I AM HEALING for an event – communicate your Intentions with us directly.

Danny Goldberg’s website: or phone: (650) 218-1014

Guy Douglas’ website: or phone: (860) 614-6917

David Kennet’s website: or phone: (323) 770-6724

Richard Learmont’s website: or phone: (760) 450-7301

Shane Chunephisal’s website: or phone: (703) 655-9508