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120 Minute Massage & Access Conscious Combo ~ $120-250 value

This specialty massage treatment is geared toward the physical body, as well as the mental-emotional bodies, and restoring the balance between all levels.  You choose from the modalities offered by the Therapist for an hour massage, then follow the bodywork with a session of Access Consciousness.  This has rapidly become our most requested package and has inspired tremendous results.

90 Minute Full Body Massage ~ $90-200 value

This specialty massage treatment is geared to relax, restore, and balance; the usual fusion of Swedish, cross-fiber, shiatsu, deep tissue, and energy work – or a specific modality may be requested.  A true treatment that can be augmented with aromatherapy, hot-stones, crystals, cupping, and/or wraps.

This makes the perfect gift for a loved-one or ones self.

60 Minute Full Body Massage ~ $60-150 value

One of the most common types of massage.  The one hour full body massage offers a relaxing, restorative, and balancing massage; targeting tense or strained muscles while increasing blood circulation and opening energy paths throughout the body.

Additional treatments can include brief aromatherapy, hot-stone, or crystal therapies.

30 Minute Pinpoint Massage ~ $30-100 value

Pinpoint massage targets an area that you specify for treatment. Perfect for stress caused tension in the neck and back, sports injuries, or for situations where bodywork is desired for a specific muscle group, but time or comfort do not allow for longer treatment.

Reiki / Access Consciousness (BARS) session ~ $75-150 value

Certified Facilitators and Access Bars Facilitators use questions and verbal processing techniques to empower you in knowing what you know and clear any energetic blockages that are limiting you. It is through you becoming more conscious of what choices and possibilities you have available, that you are able to choose and generate the life you truly would like.

Energy work addresses the non-physical – working with your emotional body and energetic field.  An open-mind is key, because all of the real work is done within.

Healing Event Productions & Collaborations

We produce healing events, sacred sight blessings, and collaborate with transformational festivals and other events that wish to include Healing and/or workshops in their offering.  I AM HEALING is happy to curate and coordinate the Healing Sanctuary for large events like: Lucidity FestivalSymbiosis Gathering, and Phases of the Moon festival, as well as local events and charities – like the AIDS WalkAmerican Cancer Society, and others.

Healing Retreats & Group Healing Parties ~ valued per package

We can curate Healing Parties hosted at your home or business location – invite your family, friends, co-workers, or employees to experience catered healing sessions to your specification.  We also provide and coordinate Healing Retreats in various beautiful locations – and create tailored packages.

Couples Massage ~ valued by modality & duration

Couples massage are usually requested in hour, hour and a half, and two hour sessions, and can include any massage modality or Access Consciousness (BARS) – each individual can specify their bodywork preference by request.  This can be a magical experience to share with a loved one (spouse, child or parent, sibling, or close friend) and can have more powerful results because of the additional energy fields present, as well as the personal bonding that occurs.

Beautiful treatment to experience with aromatherapy, hot-stone, cupping, or wraps.

Corporate Massage ~ valued by package

We offer corporate chair/table massage to businesses who’s desire it is to nurture the well-being of their employees and staff.  We offer individualized, personalized packages to meet your needs and establish an equal energetic exchange for services.  The financial responsibility can fall to the employer or can be passed along to that of the employees.

Although it seems we do not have enough time, we really do!  Whether you have 10 minutes a day, 30 minutes a week, or 90 minutes per month it only takes moments ~right now~ to schedule yourself the bodywork you deserve.

  • Increase Immunity and boost your energy
  • Pain Relief & Reduce Likelihood of Muscle Injury
  • Lower Heart Rate & Increase Blood Circulation
  • Expand Range of Motion
  • Healing on an Energetic level
  • Treatment of the Emotional body
  • Life Coaching & Inner Work guidance

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avatarAfter a long exhausting week of Holiday Air Travel. A "REAL" massage was what I needed. Being new to the SB area from NYC.  I got on yelp Monday morning,(sometimes Hit or Miss) This was definitely a " HIT " I called around 10:00 and by 11:00 I was in the hands of a 'True Healer". I arrived drained, in pain & with a slight headache. I left completely relaxed & rejuvenated. Thank you Alan.
Alan is the Asclepius of Santa Barbara.

Kati C.
avatarWhen I went to I Am Healing and met with Alan, I had no ailments. (Well nothing too serious.) I purely enjoy the benefits of consciousness and energy healing; and I was curious about Access Consciousness. I had a lovely chat with Alan prior to the session which made me feel very comfortable and excited for what was to follow. During the session I felt completely relaxed and safe. The location is very well-kept and has an overall calming energy. When you walk in you instantly know that you are in a good place. After the Access Consciousness session, Alan offered to also work on my thighs and lower back which has been an annoyance of mine since August. Through massage and some really intense reflexology/trigger point therapy, Alan was able to relieve me of the tension and pain that had been a real bother for me. My overall experience left me feeling both physically and spiritually energized. I have also felt an increase in my confidence since the session. I am sleeping better and have been able to recall more dreams that I am lucid in. And I am starting to overcome certain difficulties I have had with letting go of thought during meditation. I am very grateful for my experience and will be returning again very soon for some more body/mind/soul-work!

Leana M
avatarIt's amazing how easily we talk ourselves out of things. For example, when I tell some people about I AM Healing, they think there has to be some sort of catch--the idea of donation-based body work simply sounds too good to be true. I'll admit, for a second there, that I wondered if it would be... if there was some fine print I was missing, or if I'd feel guilty for being unable to contribute financially. However, within minutes of walking into the studio--and seconds, really, of interacting with any of its incredible contributors-- you'll know: you ARE contributing, just by being there. The healing that takes place within this center cannot help but radiate outward, leaving a trail of goodness in its wake. It is remarkable, and we are truly blessed to have them in our community!

I went to Metatron for massage/energy work, and without needing to explain myself, he sensed what needed to be done. I felt supported, seen, hopeful, and safe the entire time. During the massage, he went straight into some of the deepest holding patterns in my upper back; working through the tough spots in a way that (somehow!) managed to be both relaxing AND productive. For hours afterward, my breath was open and expansive in a way that is rarely accessible to me. The Access Consciousness work, which I would recommend to ANYONE and everyone, was extremely powerful. Its effects have lingered in my body, surprising me at times with the way they continue to crop up: rising from deep within like a belly laugh. It's impossible for me to describe it fully... the only thing I can say is GO, and feel the transformation for yourself.

Visiting this center was the first step in a long process of healing, one I am just beginning, and one that will surely continue for the rest of my life. All I can say is, with healers like this in the world--people who really, truly HEAL because they must, because the world needs people who have come alive-- the process can only be a beautiful one. Visit this place and be reminded of what it feels like to have hope. To be free. To be loved.